One on one time with clients is precious, so the quality of your conversations with them really matter.

Introducing the Life Legacy Toolkit: When speed is what you need, but ease and depth are what you want in your conversations with clients.

What’s unique about the Toolkit? It’s an easily adoptable 3-step path that harnesses the power of an easily told story from the life of your client to create a highly productive conversational experience.

  • Get your clients talking immediately about what’s important to them
  • Learn new and important details of personal history and circumstances
  • Engage clients in actively envisioning and creating a positive legacy
  • Align financial strategies with a client’s guiding values and priorities

Engage clients in extraordinary conversations to develop strategies for their success in multiple dimensions of their lives.

Why the Toolkit?

Susan Turnbull on the
inspiration behind it

Additional tools and services from Personal Legacy Advisors support existing clients and attract new ones.

  • Client gifts: Handsome and meaningful gifts and tools make it easy for people
    to share personal history, reflections and intentions. Private labeling is an option.
  • Special events: Engaging and motivating presentations and workshops for your existing and potential clients, focused on creating legacy and connecting the generations.
  • Facilitated family experiences: Expert leadership creates a lively, multigenerational experience that reveals fresh stories and perspectives from every generations