Life Legacy Conversations Tool + Life Legacy Training + Life Legacy Cards


Twelve oversized double-sided prompt cards to guide purposeful conversation

A visually beautiful and durable set of 12 large double-sided cards, each measuring 8” square and packaged in a handsome box. Each card presents an elegantly simple conversational prompt, serving as guideposts for facilitators are follow up prompts on the back of each card that develop and give purpose to the conversation in three intuitive steps that:

  1. Draw out an easily told personal story
  2. Explore the values and meaning revealed in the story
  3. Envision those values in action in the future

Viewed together, the 12 prompts touch the entirety of life, from childhood memories to visions of legacy. Each prompt stands on its own, however, as an avenue to richly rewarding and relevant conversation, adaptable to broadly different circumstances, purposes, ages and time constraints.

The Life Legacy Conversations tool is also available separately here.



Training and support in our unique 3-step conversational process

Training in the Life Legacy Conversations process is not time consuming but key to internalizing the 3-step path to become so intuitive it can be useful in conversation.

Life Legacy Training Essentials (Included in the Toolkit)

  • Downloadable 90 minute program
  • Overview of the art, science and impact of story.
    What do we mean by story? Why bring it into your work?
  • Active demonstration of the 3-step process to draw out and use story as a lever for purposeful conversation
  • Coaching in the arts of developing conversation and listening with focus and intention
  • Practical suggestions for using the tool with clients, donor and families
  • Strategies for handing unexpected situations

Advanced Level Training (Available by Arrangement)

  • Live, half or full-day workshops for groups. Bring in experts for in-depth interactive training and coaching customized to incorporate and align the process with institutional practices and ambitions. Customized training includes an hour of subsequent 1-1 coaching for every participant.

1-1 Coaching (Available by Appointment)

Work with a seasoned coach to get practice in using the process
and discuss strategies for specific situations.


Twelve one-sided pocket-sized prompt cards in a customizable gift box for clients or donors

Life Legacy Cards are a smaller version of the Life Legacy Conversations Tool, with no back side text. They are for clients to use in the Life Legacy process and to give as gifts.

  • Appealingly tactile with gorgeous graphics and substantial feel
  • Puts clients at ease and triggers immediate response
  • Initiates the Life Legacy Conversations process
  • Bonus: meaningful for clients to use on their own and
    with friends and family

A set of their own compact Life Legacy Cards can be meaningful and helpful to clients and donors. While serving as a reminder of your genuine respect, a gift of the cards extends your influence and will launch delightfully new and rewarding reflections and conversations at home.

Give Life Legacy Cards as a gift or take-away

  • Discounts on orders of 10 or more
  • Private label the box with your logo
  • Create a custom insert with your personal message


Life Legacy Toolkit Includes: Life Legacy Conversations Tool + Life Legacy Training Essentials + Life Legacy Cards: $125.00 Each


Powerful experiences and expertise for clients and donors

Memorable Presentations For Clients And Donors

Host a broadly appealing event that’s both delightful and meaningful.
Sample topics:

  • Much More Than Money: Passing on the wealth of your life
  • Legacy in Action: Finding it in the story of your life
  • An Evening of Story: A professional story teller gets people sharing their own
“Susan is a very engaging and effective speaker, and comments from clients were unanimously positive.”

— Jim Lange, Lange Financial Group

Facilitated Experiences for Family Gatherings

We’ll create a lively experience structured around the Life Legacy Conversations cards to uncover fresh stories and insights from every generation. A great program for family meetings and reunions whose organizers want to create energizing cross generational connections.

Create a Video Legacy Archive

Legacy Conversation Cards instantly elicit immediate, delightful and meaningful responses that can provide the foundation for a Video Legacy Archive of stories and reflections which will grow in value over time. Our partners, the superb team at Verissima Productions, can make that magic happen for you, or for anyone else who’s story you would like to preserve.


Pam Pacelli is a skilled facilitator who will make the process comfortable, meaningful…and fun. Rob Cooper is a videographer and editor who has experience producing for television, documentaries and video biographies.


Together, they capture the essence of a person’s character, values and the important events in their lives, recorded on broadcast-quality video in an elegantly composed setting in your home or office – a gift for your family for generations to come.

Our $2150 Video Legacy Archive Package includes one day of shooting, using up to 12 Legacy Conversations Cards with up to 3 people. Complete interviews are delivered as MP4 files or on DVD upon request. Travel from Boston is extra.